Over the next year, the University will transition from its old ULink portal to a new one. As features for the new ULink are developed and ready to use, users will gain access to the new portal and will be able to complete tasks.

Old ULink

Continue to use your CLID to access the old ULink.


Employee profiles, payroll, benefits information, budgets, and WebAid are now in the new ULink.


Faculty should use the new ULink to access Fall 2016 class schedules and rosters. Schedules, rosters, grades, and other tasks related to the Spring and Summer 2016 semesters will still be accessed in the old ULink.


New ULink

To access the new ULink, you will need to use your ULID.


Students should use the new ULink portal to:


Employees should use the new ULink to view their employee profiles, payroll, and benefits information. Budgets and time sheets can also be accessed here.


Advising for Spring 2017 takes place in the new ULink.